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Just 18 kilometers south of San Juan del Sur is located Parque Marítimo el Coco, is a modern resort specially conceived to allow our visitors to relax in a peaceful environment, in direct contact with nature forest. We offers lodging in houses of different design).

A characteristic of this place consists in its location in plain nature, where since 1994 have ben constructed houses under the roof oft trees. The resort’s administration wants to conserve these natural surroundings, which offer the suited hiding places for many wild animals like squirrels, skunks, iguanas, garrobos, etc. During October and November herds of hauler monkeys visit the places, attracted by the fruits of jobos. You can watch birds like urracas, colibris, woodpeckers, small parrots and many others because we respect nature’s biological rhythmus. The growing of the trees during the rainy season is part of this rhythmus, the falling of there dry leafs and branches is part of the rhythmus, too. These branches y leafs are not garbage, but important natural dung. Furthermore they help to keep humid the soil retaining the water, the main source of life, in the ground. We invite our guests to immerse into nature witch surrounds the hotel, to enjoy healthy vacations in harmony with the environment.

The extended grounds, that surround each house, are another characteristic of this place. They guarantee privacy y extensive playground so that parents can supervise children easily.
It is the perfect spot for couples or whole families, because our beach allows a safe and enjoying swim. We offer different lodging options, from small bungalows to large houses:
- Apartments located directly on the coast, which invite you to take an early morning swim or to jog on the 1 km long, sandy beach
- Bungalows on a gently hill at about 200 m from the seashore a place perfectly suited to watch birds
- Houses on top of hills with outstanding sea view, about 100 to 200 m from the shore.

All lodgings are equipped with fully furnished kitchens. In the Mini Super, at the entrance of the place, you will find all you need to prepare a good meal. To allow the kook to enjoy vacations too, you can visit the nearby restaurant “Puesta del Sol”, right on the shore. While parents savor a sundowner looking in astonishment at the spectacular sunset, 
We recommend visiting by horse the nearby villages. On the way you might encounter hordes of howler monkeys, and other sylvatic animals. Very friendly and poor agricultural workers will be happy to invite you to participate on their cultural activities like worships.
At night you can visit “Playa la Flor”, a sanctuary for endangered marine turtles. On nesting periods of the marine turtle “Paslama” (Lepidochelys oliveacea) you can observe up to 20,000 turtles on a period of four days. During the day you can take a boat tour nearby, where marine turtles can be seen mating. With a bit of luck you can see dolphins or even whales on some periods of the year.




Philosophy of “Parque Marítimo el Coco”


The principal purpose of this touristic place is to offer our visitors a quiet and healthy place where they can enjoy vacations leaving behind troubles and worries. If we achieve this, tourism will prosper and create jobs, which is another aim. 

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