Education in "El Coco"

Education at Coco beach

The Little School at Coco ("Escuelita el Coco") is Part of Parque Marítimo el Coco  and was founded in 1999 by Sigmund Kripp. The project was motivated by the educational needs of the local families. We were convinced that sustainable tourism requires an investment in local economy and education.

The school meets all the requirements and norms of a public school. The difference is that the teachers' salaries as well as all other costs are financed by our Austrian friends.

Initially the school was a group of children who met in one of the hotel's many ranchos without books or whiteboard with Luis Augusto Toval, an excellent teacher. It is his ability and enthusiasm for these children and their lives that allowed the school to grow. Afterwards a faithful group of Austrian donors made possible the construction of a classroom.The majority of students were the children of hotel employees and seasonal workers. In 2006 computer classes began in order to offer more than just elementary school.

The Present
Presently la Escuelita El Coco boasts 2 classrooms for both preschool and primary classes. The students also have the use of a rancho to enjoy school spirit. The number of studnets has changed signifigantly. We currently have around 30 students. Although the majority are from Coco some jurney from as far away as El Ostinial, 9 km to the south.

Unfortunately the children are not able to continue with computer classes due to lack of equipment and lack of internet access.

In addition to covering salaries and school supplies we also serve a nutritious breakfast to the children each day. In addition to academics as part of their day the teachers also use the pools for swimming lessons for students. These pieces are also supposed by generous donors. 

If you would like to contribute to this project and the continuing development of the local children please feel free to bring donations to our little school or stay in Bungalow Nicaraguita. All the rental earnings from Nigaraguita go directly to the school. By doing so you are contributing directly to the educational and thus professional future of these amazing children.

Our school is open to all who want to learn, and of course the teachers' training takes place there.

We depend on your donations to assure our continuing efforts. Thank you!


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