Sea Turtle Nursery

The turtle eggs on our beach are captured, and sold commercially in the city markets. We understand that selling these eggs is a way for some people to satisfy their basic needs at home, but we buy some at market price to set an example to everyone that we should care for and protect this species, and we think that our activities raise awareness about these endangered turtles.

The eggs that we buy are placed under the sand in an area outside the beach that is protected from people and animals. Almost all eggs are Olive Ridleys and a few are Leatherbacks, Toras and Careys. Each nest contains an average of five dozen eggs.

We have released hundreds of baby turtles, and many of our guests have been witness to this wonderful spectacle.

Now, the organization Paso Pacífico is collaborating by financing women on our staff to care for our nursery during the day. By this example, we hope in the future that all the people can “Love and protect this beautiful species”

If would you like to support us in our work, you can contact us by e-mailing us at, calling (505) 8999 8069 / 8142 9207 or visiting us directly, and we would be grateful to hear from you.





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